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THREE WINS FOR RASPUTIN from Cosmic Tomatoe Studios

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MISLEAD, a short film by Steve Perkins staring Rick Sadle is gaining attention at film festivals this January, 2022!  
The music video for Heartbeat, the theme for mislead, that Rick wrote and performed has been gathering awards and significant notice at a number of film festivals through 2021. 

A letter from Rick, the composer/performer of Heartbeat - Theme from MISLEAD:


This is the song that almost wrote itself. (Demanded to be written). In preparing for my role as Harry in the short film MISLEAD, I spent a lot of time with this damaged character. What he ate, read, watched, etc. One day I was imagining what music he listened to. He had so many life altering regrets that it seemed that a heartbeat tempo would be the common denominator. The line “with each heartbeat, ghosts come calling” popped into my mind and wouldn’t be stilled. 


Over the next two months, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and adding and subtracting new lyric lines. Melodies, the same things: Always buzzing around in my head. It was either - write the song or go crazy. 


It’s my first composition and who knows maybe my last. But, it’s a singular event in my creative life. 

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